Is Gordon Ramsay a bloody raving lunatic?

Got to admit, I had no idea who Gordon Ramsey is before coming to England. A celebrity chef/TV personality. Owner of a series of restaurants scattered across the globe. Proud recipient of the total of 12 Michelin stars (currently ranking as the third chef in the world).

My first encounter with him is a Channel 4 show Cookalong, where he intends to teach people how to cook “three delicious courses” over the course of the show. He has a celebrity along his side in the studio cooking at the same time. Also, he gets ordinary people to do the same, he monitors their progress via three video beams. Basically, he is running along, people are not able to keep up, their endeavors are not so successful, which is the source of humor and suspense. He is brilliant, they are idiots. English are famous for their lack of culinary culture, at the same channel, different day, Jamie Oliver is trying to get the whole of the town of Rotheram (north of England) to learn how to make spaghetti and meatballs in tomato sauce in his show Ministry of Food.  Something that your mama would make for you any day, but no it seems your UK mom would rather pick up a precooked meal in one of the supermarkets. Or send you to buy kebab and chips. Which is why all these attempts to get people to appreciate home cooking (which in many countries is a standard of quality, it seems here is not the case) are worth of praise.
But let’s take a look at how Gordon does it. He wants “your full commitment”, because “your kitchen needs you” and you should not “let him down”. When a man spills something, Gordon shouts “Useless!”. That’s the spirit! Insult them and teach them. I learn that he is known for his abrasive personality and use of swearing. In one series he goes around the country, orders food in local restaurants, then bursts in the kitchen to yell at people that they are clueless, that what they are doing is wrong. F#$%in idiots.

In a show that got him famous stateside Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon demands everyone to talk to him like in an army’s regiment “yes, chef”, “no chef”, while he spits in a soup he does not like, breaks plates and generally screams at people. This is supposed to be entertainment, but I am scarred not amused. Donald Trump says “You are fired” on The Apprentice only once, this man is doing that for the whole of 45 minutes. The reality TV should be brash, but still watchable. But what do I know, some people find monster trucks and wresting entertaining.

“But he is only after perfection on a plate” you are thinking. Ok, he is passionate. Always welcome in every profession. But, here is the deal – most of the people watching the show (me included) will never set the foot inside one of his three-Michelin star restaurants. We actually have no idea whether what he is doing is any good, as we are not actually tasting it. What gets him going on TV is his personality and reputation. The latter is supposedly good enough that we have to survive his vulgar outbursts. The attitude of high superiority mixed with temper tantrums does not make a good TV to be quite frank. Gordon Ramsey is one overpaid mental case. In short, he is neurotic. Or maybe it is just me, overacting like I am?